We deliver lectures, workshops, courses and consultancy on constructive journalism. Our training is targeted at three main demographics: freelance journalists, journalism educators and students, and media organisations.
Here’s what some of our participants had to say about our trainings and workshops:
Ethical Charter for Syrian Media
“In the early stages of the revolution in Syria, people believed that the situation was going to change quickly and have a positive outcome. It was seen as a new start and people were hopeful. Over time, this attitude has changed. The international audience is less interested in hearing about the ongoing war in Syria and the Syrians are less and less hopeful. We can see how this has affected people.

We have seen through the years how important it is to write about the daily life of people in Syria and not to limit the writing to the war. But how do you meet audience needs and expectations when the violence around you is the daily bread?

War brings unacceptable violence in people’s life, but also humanity. Through this workshop, our media partners learned how constructive journalism is about reporting on both. It is not about ignoring reality, but about providing the full picture of what goes wrong and right. Constructive journalism can contribute to restoring hope, both for journalists reporting on any war or conflict and those reading about it.”



Nancy Demicheli – Project Coordinator Syria - Free Press Unlimited

“Thank you for the interesting training you gave in Tunisia, Veronique. Today, a leading Egyptian daily newspaper published an op-ed I wrote. I mentioned our experience at the training and talked about the pictures you showed us, which helped us understand what constructive journalism is. The article talks about the Hindi language paper Dainik Bhaskar and how its new editorial policy on writing positive news stories, besides its focus on local journalism, could help it strengthen its position as the largest circulated daily newspaper newspaper in India. As the 4th most distributed newspaper in the world, their impact is significant. The course sparked my interest in constructive journalism. I will use it in my work and I am seriously thinking about doing something related to it, such as a publication or at least a news website that gives Egyptian readers different media contents. I will keep you informed. Thank you again.”

Yasser Khalil – Correspondent, Egypt

Kathleen Steeden

“It was a really inspiring day that got me thinking in new ways, which was exactly what I was after. I loved that the session was so lively, and the informal atmosphere and friendly group meant that I felt confident sharing ideas and asking questions, despite being at an early stage of my freelance journalism career.”

Kathleen Steeden – Freelance journalist and editor

Andrew Hobbs

“The workshop was an excellent mix of inspiration, hard-headed practical advice and workshop activities enabling the students to start applying the ideas of constructive journalism to real-life stories. Danielle is a good trainer, able to give practical examples from her freelance work, and good at responding to students’ ideas; her advice on pitching was very helpful. The workshop fitted in well with students’ practical journalism training, in which they are encouraged to ask tough questions, think of new angles, develop stories, consider ethical aspects, and be realistic about interviews and access.”


Andrew Hobbs – Senior lecturer, School of Journalism and Media, University of Central Lancashire

Daniel Simpson

“Constructive journalism deconstructs news, reframing reporting to highlight solutions not just problems. The course is an inspiring reminder of what this entails: commitment to honest reporting, which can have an agenda as long as it’s clear – and not decided in advance. The most useful parts of the course looked at how to develop, report and write constructive stories, with a view to getting paid and connecting with readers. Highly recommended for disillusioned hacks (including me)!”

Daniel Simpson – Yoga writer, former Reuters bureau chief and foreign correspondent

Jackie Goodman


Our students and tutors were introduced to the concept of constructive journalism when Danielle Batist ran a workshop day. We knew very little about the Constructive Journalism Project but were attracted by its aims to ‘present a fuller picture of truth, while upholding journalism’s core functions and ethics’ and to consider ‘solution-focused elements’ in news reporting. The workshop was fast-paced and stimulating and has encouraged us to take a closer and more objective look at the output of news organisations. It has generated ongoing discussion about the concept of a constructive approach to news stories. We will be exploring this further during one of our regular News Production Days and embed into our practice.

Jackie Goodman – Programme Leader, BA(Hons) Journalism and Digital Media, Hull School of Art and Design

Hull Students

“The workshop leader’s passion for constructive journalism was really engaging”

“The session opened our eyes to different perspectives”

“A refreshing approach to news production”

“Made me think about the ‘what now, what next’ element of a story”

Hull College, School of Art and Design – Students on BA(Hons) Journalism and Digital Media programme

Douwe Korting

The most valuable aspect of the workshop for me was learning about the ‘what now’ question. Where most mainstream articles end, constructive journalism finds a beginning. Writing from a starting point of ‘where can we find agreement, rather than conflict’ was an eye-opener for me too. I wish we’d had some more time for debate, and possible a repeat of the post-it exercise, where you learn about each participant’s personal motivations. The logistics were all good: location, refreshments, lunch and the follow-up tips we received via email. I will be able to get on with those. Thanks again!

Douwe Korting – Storyteller, driven by sustainable agriculture

Jane Powell

Thank you for a wonderful, well paced and stimulating course. It was just right. I have come away with everything I need to move on. I am now working with the very interesting question of how writing fits with activism, and whether I am going to be a journalist or more of a writer/activist. I am also working out how I can get my events and writing work to fit together, and much more. Really, really interesting, all of it. Thanks!

Jane Powell – Agricultural writer and editor

Liz Ware

Thanks for a really interesting day. It gave me lots of ideas to ensure that my stories stay on the right side of ‘fluffy’. The real-life examples were very helpful and there was a good balance of content. Keep on doing what you are doing!

Liz Ware – Freelance garden writer