Event will discuss role of constructive journalism in democracy

Jodie Jackson, Researcher and Partner at the Constructive Journalism Project, will be speaking at “the world’s biggest conference on constructive journalism” next month. Taking place on 26–27 October at Aarhus University, Denmark, the Global Constructive Journalism Conference will bring together reporters, editors, media executives, scientists and politicians to discuss the role of the news media in modern day democracies.
Other speakers include Michael Moller, director general of the United Nations; Jimmy Maymann, chair of UN Live and former CEO of Huffington Post; and Steven Pinker, professor of psychology at Harvard University.
The event is being hosted by the Constructive Institute, an independent organisation that aims “to combat trivialisation and degradation of journalism by emphasising reporting that is more accurate, balanced and solutions-focussed.”
Image: Aarhus University