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Many of us went into journalism with a desire to help change the world. And yet, working in traditional media often leaves us feeling frustrated. The lack of editorial interest in genuine solutions to the problems facing society makes it hard for journalists to break the negative news cycle. There often is another side to a story we report on: examples of positive change, of resilience and transformation, and of exciting possibilities. We know that our audiences love to hear about it. But how do we go about telling these stories effectively and using our journalism as a force for good?
Increasingly, media globally are starting to realise that they can report in a more inspiring way, while not just upholding but in fact strengthening all the standards of quality reporting. Some call it ‘solutions journalism’, others ‘positive reporting’, but it is about more than just focusing on what works. It is a way of presenting a fuller picture within conventional reporting, which is more empowering and engaging for audiences and more beneficial to society. Ultimately, it is about constructive journalism. In this course, you will get a thorough introduction to this up and coming field and learn how to use it within your career.
What:  A one-day interactive workshop covering both the academic theory and editorial practicalities of constructive journalism.
When: The next workshop is on Friday 3 February 2017  from 10am-4.30pm. Fresh coffee will be ready from 9.45am. (participants join us from all around the world, so if you need any cheap hotel recommendations for nearby places, email us and we’re happy to assist!)
Where: Initiatives of Change, 24 Greencoat Place, London, SW1P 1RD
Investment: £250. Lunch and coffee, tea, cakes and refreshments are included in the workshop price.


Watch course leader Seán Dagan Wood explain the concept of constructive journalism -and why we need it- at TEDx: