Good news is no news… or is it?

If even well-respected BBC Radio 4 wants to talk about constructive journalism, you know things are happening. Especially if it’s on the popular weekend slot. Listen live, this Sunday 8 February at 1.30pm.
We’re excited that we will feature in the piece. Have a listen on Sunday and let us know what you think!
The documentary will be presented by Charlie Beckett, head of journalism think thank Polis. He wrote announcement stories about it for the Polis website and the Guardian media section.


On the BBC Radio 4 website, the programme description says: “Former news editor Charlie Beckett explores whether there is an unrelenting negativity in the mainstream news agenda, preoccupied with violent crime, human accident, misfortune and disaster. He asks why alternative, so-called positive or solutions-based, ideas for news are so readily dismissed by journalists, broadcasters and editors.
The programme examines the story so far of the ‘positive news’ movement – a movement that’s growing quickly, especially in the United States. The Washington Post, New York Times and Huffington Post all now have sections explicitly devoted to more positive or constructive stories. Charlie Beckett asks why there’s such a visceral resistance to the arguments for change among many professional journalists and editors.”