The Constructive Journalism Project has achieved its original mission of raising the profile of constructive journalism and equipping journalists with the skills and tools to practise it. As a result, it is no longer active.
It was founded in London by Sean Dagan Wood and Danielle Batist in 2014 and was a pioneer in the field of constructive journalism. The association was later joined by Veronique Mistiaen, Jodie Jackson and Giselle Green.
We define constructive journalism as rigorous, compelling reporting that includes positive and solution-focused elements in order to empower audiences and present a fuller picture of the world, while upholding journalism’s core functions and ethics.
Over the years, we have worked with dozens of universities and journalism schools around the UK and internationally, including in Thessaloniki, Vienna, Tunis, Istanbul, Paris, Virginia (USA), Tirana, Dublin, London and Leeds and Glasgow, among many other places.
We brought the concept to journalists living in very different political and media landscapes, such as Syria, Libya, Egypt and Tunisia exploring, for example,how constructive journalism could play a role in conflict reporting.
We also ran workshops for European newsrooms and groups of freelancers, and spoke at many events, such as the International Journalism Festival (Perugia, Italy) and the Global Constructive Journalism Conference, Aarhus University (Aarhus, Denmark). 
And we moved beyond the journalism industry to bring audiences on board. Jodie Jackson wrote ‘You Are What You Read’, a book for consumers which highlights the impact of the negativity bias on our mental health and offers tools to change your media diet. She also wrote an illustrated children’s book to bring solution stories to the next generation.
Throughout our journey, we stayed committed to producing constructive journalism ourselves. Sean Dagan Wood continues to grow Positive News, the first media organisation in the world that is dedicated to quality, independent reporting about what’s going right. It publishes daily online and quarterly in print.
Over the years, more mainstream news outlets started to include constructive journalism in their reporting. Many dedicated constructive and solutions journalism organisations have also launched and grown around the world, in the academic space, NGOs, degree courses etc. – and we see them as allies. Many are much larger, better funded and with more resources than we have, so the field is in good hands and we have decided to close the Constructive Journalism Project.
Individually, we remain very much committed to constructive journalism in all forms: from pursuing and producing constructive stories to running industry training and workshops, giving lectures and interviews, writing books and articles and speaking at events.
 If you’re interested in working with us, you can reach us individually below.

Seán Dagan Wood

Seán Dagan Wood Co-Founder, Constructive Journalism Project

Seán Dagan Wood is a media innovator with a passion for personal and social transformation. As the CEO of Positive News and co-founder of the Constructive Journalism Project, his vision is for a media that informs, inspires and empowers. On Twitter: @seandaganwood

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Danielle Batist

Danielle Batist Co-Founder, Constructive Journalism Project

Danielle Batist co-founded the Constructive Journalism Project out of a desire to tip the current news balance towards a more solutions-focused approach. As a journalist, she writes about social change and highlights what’s working. As a media innovation consultant, she helps startups and independent media organisations to sustainably do the same. She specialises in journalism membership models, crowdfunding and connecting with audiences in a meaningful way. In all her work, she moves beyond problems to ask and resolve the: ‘what now?’ question. You can reach her via email [daniellebatist[at]gmail[dot]com] or on Twitter @daniellebatist.


Veronique Mistiaen

Veronique Mistiaen Journalist and Trainer

Veronique Mistiaen is award-winning journalist reporting on human rights, social and humanitarian issues, global development and the environment. Her work has been published in The Guardian, The Times, The Economist, BBC, Vice, Financial Time, Newsweek, Positive News, Le Monde, Chicago Tribune and San Francisco Chronicle, among many other media outlets.
She runs training in Constructive Journalism in the UK and internationally, journalism skills and storytelling for marginalised communities, and reporting diversity in areas of ethnic, political and religious tensions. She is bilingual English-French.  You can contact her via email at:  [email protected] , on Twitter @VeroMistiaen and Linkedin at

Giselle Green

Giselle Green Journalist, Editor, Trainer

Giselle Green is a former BBC radio news reporter and producer. She was the launch editor of Constructive Voices, an NCVO project to promote constructive journalism and flag up solutions stories sourced from charities and social enterprises. She gives training talks about constructive journalism to students and runs a new project, Solutions Central, in association with the Solutions Journalism Network, to engage the public, generate community stories and act as a hub for both journalists and individuals interested in constructive journalism.
You can contact her via email at: [email protected], on twitter @GiselleG7 and LinkedIn

Jodie Jackson

Jodie Jackson Author and Researcher

Jodie Jackson is a campaigner, researcher and author of two books: ‘You Are What You Read – why changing your media diet can change the world’ and Little Ruffle and the world beyond’, an illustrated children’s book introducing solutions stories to the next generation. She holds a Master’s Degree in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of East London. She has conducted research on the psychological impact of news information on the reader, and in particular the role of positive news and its perceived effects. She believes that it is as important to educate the consumer on these potential effects as it is to get the media industry on board. She is a regular speaker at journalism events and universities. On Twitter: @JacksonJodie21